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Ep. 79 How To Double An Acquisition Offer For Your Business

Bobby Albert took over the family moving business when his father died unexpectedly. Determined to succeed, he transformed his father’s five-person business into a fast growth company, eventually employing 150 people before The Albert Group of Companies was approached by a strategic acquirer.

Rather than simply accept their first acquisition offer, Albert patiently negotiated the offer up by more than 100% before he agreed to be taken over.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– The difference between an abundance and a scarcity mindset.

– What distinguishes your company’s core values from the founder’s core values.

– How to 5X your revenue.

– The secret to getting discretionary effort from your employees.

– The difference between a values-driven company that gets results and a results-driven company that has values.

– Why aspirational values kill a company’s culture.

– How to more than double your next acquisition offer.

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