Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Sells Share in His Company, People Complain, Byrne Responds to “Preclude Further Recurrence of Mass Vapors”

Earlier this week, Patrick Byrne, CEO and founder of Overstock  (NASDAQ:OSTK), filed a Form 4 indicating a sale of 900,000 shares in his company.  Apparently, the masses slammed the sale demanding answers. Simultaneously the price of Overstock swooned on the news. Yesterday, in a Dear... Read More The post Overstock CEO

The Certua Group Acquires Insurtech Surely

The Certua Group, a deep data company targeting financial services, has acquired Insurtech the Surely Group. Surely provides a cloud-based, multi-lingual and multi-currency Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that allows a user to obtain a quote for an insurance product, buy the product and manage the product... Read More The post The Certua

Civil Case Dismissed: DJ Khaled, Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Two Others Escape Liability for Touting Centra Tech ICO

A civil case brought by investors against former heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and celebrity DJ Khaled alleging they induced their social media followers to buy into a fraudulent ICO (initial coin offering) has been dismissed. Allegations of touting unregistered securities were also dismissed against... Read More The post Civil Case

Wirecard Extends Collaboration With Paris’ Printemps By Boosting WeChat Pay Acceptance

Germany-based global provider of digital payments and commerce solutions Wirecard announced this week it has extended its collaboration with Paris department stores Printemps by boosting WeChat Pay acceptance. According to Wirecard, the Wirecard WeChat Pay solution has been implemented at multiple Printemps locations throughout France. While... Read More The post Wirecard Extends

Don’t Worry, Be Frisky: “Sextortionists” Have Made $1 Million in Bitcoins, But Probably Don’t Have Dirt on You

Anti-phishing company Area 1 says that email “sextortionists” have collected $1 million in Bitcoins (about $593 USD per victim) by convincing targets that their webcams and porn-search habits have been compromised, Fortune reports.  But your webcam and any porn consumption likely haven’t been breached, says Area... Read More The post Don’t Worry,